Voudoux Vodka is an authentically handmade, batch distilled, ultra premium vodka produced at BKO Distillery in beautiful Medina, Ohio USA. Our goal was to create the world's smoothest vodka and price that vodka UNDER $20 PER BOTTLE. No additives, No gimmicks, No bulls#!t, No excuses. We invite and encourage you to take the "Voudoux Challenge" and try Voudoux Vodka against ANY OTHER BRAND OF VODKA out there on the market regardless of the price.

We think you'll agree that you just found your new favorite vodka.

Voudoux Vodka - "It's Magic"
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    Ironic isn’t it?. Our company founders absolutely hated vodka. Actually, “despised” might be a better word. They thought all vodka tasted like nail polish remover, paint thinner, and gasoline. They became obsessed with why this is the case, and dedicated years of research and development to producing a vodka that they could drink straight up at room temperature with no mixer.


    Yes really. We know you see this a lot out there, but Voudoux Vodka is actually and totally 100% made by hand at our distillery in beautiful Medina Ohio. From fermentation, to distillation, to filtration, all the way to bottling and shipping, we literally do everything by hand and we take great pride in actually doing it this way.


    Voudoux Vodka is distilled from the finest 100% pure non-GMO cane sugar we can possibly use because we are firm believers in the “better stuff you put in, the better quality you get out” mentality. By starting with cane sugar instead of grain, we can turn all that sugar into clean ethanol and produce a superior product with minimal flavor carry over. Vodka, after all, should have no flavor.


    We ferment at much lower temperatures and for longer periods of time compared to other vodka manufacturers. We also give each batch ample time to settle before distillation. This produces much less undesirable flavors and other nasty forms of alcohol that we don’t want in the finished product and means we're not putting anything into the still besides pure clean clear wash.


    We distill our vodka in small batches like very high end spirits. We also distill our product over 20 times. This allows us to take out all the nasty stuff that’s usually left in other vodkas. We make very meticulous “cuts” during distillation and only the absolute purest portion of each distillation is kept to eventually become Voudoux. The result is a cleaner tasting, ultra smooth vodka that won’t give you “Vodka Face”.


    Voudoux Vodka is slow filtered in multiple stages, using our proprietary process, to produce one of the absolute cleanest and best tasting possible products on the vodka market. Does this take more time? Absolutely. Do we care about that? ABSOLUTELY NOT. The ONLY thing that matters to us is the quality of our product.

  • 100% GLUTEN FREE

    Since Voudoux Vodka is distilled from the finest 100% pure non-GMO cane sugar we can possibly use, and there is no grain in the manufacturing process, our product is absolutely and 100% gluten free.


    Spoiler Alert: Artificial additives are extremely common in most vodkas. It’s a big secret in spirit production that mass market vodkas – including top-shelf brands – contain additives to ‘optimize’ taste and viscosity. United States vodka laws permit producers to add up to 2.5% by volume of any additive that’s generally deemed safe. Vodka makers include them as a way to formulate greater ‘mouthfeel’ and ‘smoothness.’ If that sounds shady to you, we agree. Fact is, it’s a lot easier and a lot cheaper to manufacture vodka with ‘taste-enhancer’ additives and sweeteners. Without these chemical additives, they don’t think their vodka would be as palatable (or popular). And since the U.S. government doesn’t require vodka brands to disclose additives on labelling, they have no incentive to change what they’re doing. VOUDOUX VODKA HAS ABSOLUTELY ZERO ADDITIVES. It’s just ridiculously clean ethanol and purified water. The way it SHOULD be!


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Come on down, enjoy a tasting, take a tour of our production facility, pick up a couple bottles, and check out BKO Distillery ... the home of Voudoux Vodka.
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